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At Hidden Cove Orchard we strive to offer apple varieties that our customers are looking for, from Cortland to Zestar and a large variety in between.

Our apples varieties include:
*Information courtesy All About Apples

The table below lists our apple varieties, that particular apples description and average harvest/season. Apple varieties are listed in alphabetical order.

Apple Variety Description Harvest/Season
Connell Red Very productive, very hardy, large dark red high quality eating apple. Connell Red is a gorgeous Fireside type. A good late keeping apple for northern areas. Harvest: September - October; Season: October - April
Cortland Very white crisp flesh. One of the best salad apples because it doesn't brown quickly. Harvest: September; Season: September through early October
Fireside Large conical fruit. Green skin with scarlet stripes and sometimes a mottled orange flush. Crisp, sweet, juicy greenish white to yellow flesh. Excellent eating apple. Harvest: October; Season: October - January
Haralson Good baking, eating and cider apple. Flesh is crisp, juicy, firm. Mildly tart flavor, not acid. Holds its shape and texture in baking. Retains good flavor in keeping. Harvest: late September; Season: October - February
Honey Crisp Color is red mottled over a yellow background. Has excellent eating and keeping qualities. Harvest: mid September to October; Season: September - January
Honey Gold Hardy substitute for Golden Delicious developed especially for cold northern areas. Golden Delicious flavor, Haralson hardiness. Medium to large golden to greenish fruit with very smooth finish and reddish bronze blush. Flavor is sweeter and more bland than Golden Delicious. High quality. Superior storage qualities. Harvest: late October; Season: October - December
Northern Lights Glossy, bright red fruit with slightly tart flesh. Good flavor. N/A
Prairie Spy All purpose. Red over yellow, attractive large fruit. Some russeting may occur. Excellent flavor, improves in storage. Extra long keeping winter apple. Harvest: October, Season: November - March
Red Baron Medium size. Coarse, dry-ish flesh. Pear-flavored. Acceptable mild (non-tart) cooking apple. Not very juicy. Orange blush over yellow, resembling traditional peach coloring. Harvest: Early to mid-September; Season: September-November
Sweet 16 Large, red striped fruit. Firm, crisp, aromatic flesh. Moderately acidic. Harvest: September - October, Season: stores well
Zestar Next favorite to Honey Crisp. Crisp and juicy. Harvest: Early September; Season: September - October

Feel free to Contact us for more information regarding our apple varieties and their availability.